Wedding Zinnenberg | In the heart of Südtirol

Elegant Wedding at Ansitz Zinnenberg, among vineyards of the Wine Road

Wedding Photographer Zinnenberg Appiano

zinnenberg hochzeit

Voila another dream – a wedding, which began and ended immersed in the beautiful vineyards of South Tyrol.

When Martina contacted me more than a year in advance to hire me as her wedding photographer, she and I already knew each other. I was lucky to document her pregnancy a few years earlier. I was incredibly happy to continue this adventure of their story, of Martina and Hannes, and I knew that there would come a beautiful job.

Martina had so much fun to design decorations and details for their wedding she made with love by her own hands. Among these we find, for example, indications for the guests, an amusing tableau de mariage made of photographs of the couple: all shows high creativity and care during the organization of the wedding. I enjoyed the fact that even during her getting ready, everything was prepared with attention and was simply perfect! When I arrived in the morning was draped with a fine piece of lingerie.. Yeh, everything was ready for the big day!

To pronounce their “yes” Martina and Hannes chose the Neo-Gothic church of St. Joseph, in Frangarto, a fraction of Appiano on the Wine Road.

After the ceremony the way for the reception was short, through the winding country roads and through vineyards and orchards, to finally arrive to the magnificent Castle Ansitz Zinnenberg in Appiano.

Since 1626 the idyllic manor, our location offered us a luxurious but private at the same time atmospher. It is indeed a perfect location for a wedding!

Oh! And the launch of the bride’s bouquet was definitely out of the ordinary! Martina wanted to honor her Hannes, estimated footballer and former captain of South Tyrol, with a shot of “ball”!

But the pictures are better than words to describe how perfect the  Castle Ansitz Zinnenberg to host an elegant wedding and romantic as that of Hannes and his Martina.


Ceremony: Church of St. Joseph, Frangart

Reception: Castle Ansitz Zinnenberg | Appiano sulla Strada del Vino

Music: Greta Marcolongo e Paolo Perri

Bride’s Dress: Perfect Plans | Nalles

Shoes: Guess

Here, as on that beautiful day, listen to the angelic voice of Greta Marcolongo

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